Satta Matka

Satta MatkaSatta Matka is a hugely popular form of gambling and betting in India. It is essentially a lottery, where punters bet on random numbers, hoping to win big.

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Play Satta Matka Online on Lottoland

Lottoland logo

Lottoland - where you can play Satta Matka online whenever you want!

Lottoland has introduced a new product “Jhatka Matka” that will resonate quite well with the Indian audiences. 

The product has been customized for all the “Matka” players, and with its simple and intuitive game play we believe this will make it easier to attract even newer players.

Understanding Matka games and the payouts is extremely simple. Check out our comprehensive guide below for the Jhatka Matka game on Lottoland. 

Jhatka Matka on Lottoland

Guide to Jhatka Matka on Lottoland

In a regular game of Satta Matka, the draws taking place have a frequency of 1 hour. Lottoland has reduced this considerably, makeing the draws take place every 10 minutes. Also, you can bet with a bet size as small as ₹10 for every type of bet. 

Interestingly, the draws are named after various cities in India. The reason behind this is, in the original version of the game, the winning numbers were based on the rate of cotton as published in the regional newspapers in India. 

You can choose the draws in advance. During our review, we were able to choose at least 5 draws in advance. 

Lottoland Matka Draws

We have all sorts of draws here including:

  1. Matka Pune
  2. Matka Mumbai
  3. Matka Kalyan
  4. Matka Satara
  5. Matka Ratan
  6. Matka Bombay
  7. Matka Bazar
  8. Matka Raj

For every draw, there is an “Open” and a “Close” number. 

The draws are every 10 minutes and you can choose the draws in advance. 

Jhatka Matka offers 7 different Betlines. We would suggest trying out all of them one at a time to understand the game and then master it. The betlines offered are:

  1. Ank
  2. Jodi
  3. Single Panna 
  4. Double Panna
  5. Triple Panna
  6. Half Sangam
  7. Full Sangam
Lottoland Matka Betlines

Understanding Open Panna, Close Panna, Ank and Jodi

On every draw, there is a set of 3 digit numbers, drawn twice out of the matka randomly. 

As an example, say 3 numbers drawn are 1,0,0. 

These will become the Open Panna for the game or simply called “Open”

Open Panna

Now the last digit of this sum becomes “Ank” . In example above, the sum of 1,0,0 is 01 - so “1” becomes an Ank for Open Panna.

Lottoland Matka Open Panna

Closed Panna

There is an additional set of numbers drawn in the same fashion which are called as the “Close Panna” or simply “Close” for reference. This is drawn after 15 minutes of taking out open panna. 

For ease of reference, lets take these 3 numbers to be 4,5,6. We derive the “Close” ank also the same way which in this case will be “5” (Sum of 4,5,5 = 15).

Now, while writing the numbers of the draw, the Ank for both the numbers are written in center such that:

Lottoland Matka Draw

Additionally, the combined numbers together will become a Jodi. In the example above “15” becomes a Jodi.


This is the simplest form of bet on Matka games with a payout of 1:10. For every ₹10 bet placed, you will get ₹90 as winning. 

Lottoland Matka Select Ank

This is a single number selection for either the “Opening” , “Closing” or “Both”. Do note if you select “Both”, since there are 2 bets being placed your Stake will also be multiplied by two. 

Lottoland Matka Ank

Looking within the My Bets section, you can easily check that there are 2 bets placed on Open Numbers (“4” and “8”) and two bets placed on Close Numbers (“9” and “8”)

Lottoland Matka View Bets


Jodi is the combination of “Ank” derived from the Open Panna and Close Panna (Open or Close). The payout for this is 1:100. The payout gives a 90 times multiple of the original bet. For every ₹10 bet placed, you will get ₹900 as winning. 

With that high payout, we generally select more than one jodi for a draw. It can be done by adding multiple betlines on Jodi.

Lottoland Matka Jodi

Single Panna / Double Panna / Triple Panna (Also known as Single Patti / Double Patti / Triple Patti)

This is again a very popular bet, but is for an advanced level of players (or those who develop a better understanding of the game to know what they are placing a bet on).

Single Panna is a bet placed on either Open or Close for all the numbers being unique. The payout for every ₹10 bet placed is ₹1000! We quite like the Lottoland Matka interface for this, as it provides all the numbers distributed with various Anks, so you can choose your lucky Ank while choosing Single Panna. 

Lottoland Matka Single Panna

Similar to Single Panna, Double Panna relies on your luck to choose 3 digits which contain a pair. (Eg. 4,4,6 or 2,5,5). The payout for every ₹10 bet placed is ₹2000 - just double for Single Panna. 

Lottoland Matka Double Panna

Now, comes one of the heavyweight bets. Triple Panna, as you might have guessed, is placing a bet on the open or close values, with all numbers being the same. The payout for this bet is 3 times that of Double Panna. For every ₹10 bet placed, you stand a chance to win ₹6000

Lottoland Matka Triple Panna

Half Sangam

Half Sangam is your lucky guess which you need to place either on Open Ank or Close Ank. 

If you are placing a bet on Close Ank - all your open numbers and close ank numbers should match

If you are placing the bet on Open Ank - all your close numbers and open ank should match your selection

You can win upto 1000 times your original bet amount. For every ₹10 bet placed, you stand a chance to win ₹10000

Lottoland Matka Half Sangam

Full Sangam

The final bet on Lottoland matka is the high value Full Sangam bet. In this bet, you need to match all the numbers in order (Open and Close) to win a 12,000 times return on the original bet. 

To place this bet, you need to manually enter the numbers in the box. 

Lottoland Matka Full Sangam

Good luck on this bet!

Checking the Winning Draws

All the placed bets are placed in your “My Bets” section where you can check whether your number has won.

The interface also gives you an ease of understanding on where you have placed the bet.

Basics of Satta Matka in India

For making it big in the online Satta Matka world, you must be thorough with the Satta lingo! Let’s take a look at basic Satta terminology.

  1. Single: It is basically anything between 0 to 9
  2. Jodi/Pair: A pair of digits from 00 to 99
  3. Patti/Panna: Every three-digit result (or betting result) is called Patti or Panna.
  4. Open or Close result: The betting outcome is divided into two phases, the first one being open and the second one, close.
  5. The abbreviations: SP or Single Patti – E.g., 123, DP or Double Patti – E.g., 112, and TP or Triple Patti – E.g., 111
  6. Cycle Patti: The second and the third digit from a Patti is known as the Cycle Patti. For example, in the SP 128, the Cycle Patti or CP is 28.
  7. Farak: It is the difference between the open result and close result. For example, if the pair is 36, the farak is 6 (-) 3 = 3.
  8. Berji: The last digit of the sum of both numbers from a Jodi is termed Berji. For instance, if the pair is 67, Berji is 6 (+) 7 = 13 i.e., 3.

Payouts, odds and fees on Satta Matka

Depending on where you play and which variation of the game you choose, payout rates may vary between 9/1 and 999/1. Obviously, a rate of 999/1 is massive and would result in huge returns.

Whilst it remains a game of luck and chance, the payout, if successful, are so attractive that punters will return to play over and over again. It doesn’t take a huge bet either in order to hit a jackpot win.

In any case, the odds tend to be against the player, which is always the case in a lottery. The possible combination of numbers that could be drawn is so massive as to be incomprehensible.

Also, expect to pay a fee on every Rupee won. The Matka betting agent will want to make a living as well and usually takes a cut of 5% on your winnings.

Satta Matka Tips

This is where we need to get real. You’ll be searching the Internet far and wide for reliable tips and tricks on how to win at Satta Matka or any of its versions. And many promises and assurances will be made to you.

Generally, the ratio of win to loss is given at 10% winning versus 90% losing. That means your chance of winnings stands at 10%, which is not an awful lot.

Remember also that this is a game of pure chance. And such things cannot truly be predicted, no matter which table you choose to look at and implement or which strategy you choose to play.

As with any lottery, if luck is not on your side you will lose. And luck doesn’t really favour anyone.

So, how can we help you here? Well, we’re here to tell you that you should enjoy the game above any aim to make a gain. Winning will never be a certainty. We can’t predict the numbers that will next be drawn. Nobody can and anybody who claims that they have a fool proof strategy is trying to fool you. Don’t fall for it.

Instead play mindful and with joy. Any form of gambling should only ever be viewed as fun on the side. Keep your bets small in order to stick with your budget. Play the numbers you like and never ever chase your losses.

If you win, great! Enjoy it. Don’t count on a lucky streak. A losing streak is much more likely. Take your winnings, treat yourself and come back another time to play once again.

Finally, do learn all the rules of the version you’re playing. Knowing a game does increase your odds, even if only ever so lightly. Still, betting randomly is unlikely to do you any favours. It’s best to go in prepared.

  1. Choose the right platform : With the rising popularity of online lottery format games, several shady platforms have cropped up everywhere. Choosing a website that is legit such as Lottoland will ensure that you don’t get duped into depositing huge sums of money only to lose it all 
  2. It is always better to start small: There is something called beginner’s luck. Whether you believe it or not, big wins in the initial few games can make you reckless, leading to mindless betting, without giving a lot of thought to the strategies. The golden rule of playing online gambling games such as Satta Matka is to start small – with a lesser amount of money, perfecting your strategies with minimal risk and only then pulling out the big guns
  3. Know when you must take a break: Sometimes, it so happens that the temptation of gambling leads you to play even more and bet higher amounts when you are losing. Setting a daily betting budget and sticking to it can help you cut losses quicker. In any case, the betting money should not exceed 50% of your hard-earned money
  4. Do your homework: Satta Matka is a very old game with complex gameplay that has evolved over the years. When you decide to play online lottery games such as this, first and foremost, develop a clear and thorough understanding of the rules, regulations, and logic behind the game
  5. Always play with your idle money: Idle money is the amount of money you are left with after spending it on the bare essentials and investing a portion of it. This will ensure that your savings are maximized without compromising on your needs if you happen to lose
  6. Strategize: Seemingly simple, Satta Matka is a dynamic game that needs you to pay attention, make mental calculations and stay aware. You must devise your own set of strategies that work for you but refrain from being rigid with them. If on a particular day, your strategies seem to be failing, be open to taking calculated risks and opting for an alternative strategy to cut losses.

Origins of Satta Matka

A beloved game of the Indian masses, Satta Matka aka Matka King aka Satta King finds its origins in the late 1950s.

Once upon a time Satta Matka was a form of lottery where punters placed bets on the opening and closing numbers of the rates of cotton that were transmitted to the Bombay Cotton Exchange from the New York Cotton Exchange.

This form of gambling dates back to before the independence of India and was then known as Ankada Jugar (‘figures gambling’). However, in 1961 the New York Cotton Exchange put a stop to this game, and punters were forced to look for alternatives. It was Rattan Khatri, one of the first so-called Matka Kings, who introduced the idea to bet on the opening and closing rates of imaginary products. After all, nobody could possibly put a stop to something imaginary, right? And the game was not so much about the cotton rates but about the fun of placing bets on random numbers.

In this new version, where no official numbers could be transferred via transmitter, random numbers were written on pieces of paper, which were placed into a pot (called matka) and then drawn by one person, who would read the winning numbers out loud.

Eventually the game changed and instead of numbers from a pot, numbers were drawn from a deck of cards. What stayed was the name: matka.

With time, the game evolved and became extremely popular during the 80s and 90s. Today, technological advancements and the availability of free internet has given rise to an online Satta community. Several online gaming platforms offer innovative and engaging gameplay that captures the true essence and thrill of an exciting Satta game. Do you want to try your luck at Satta Matka and win big?

Cracking down on the business

Satta Matka was never exactly legal. It was a practice among many mill workers in Mumbai, which resulted in Mumbai becoming the biggest hub for the Matka business. In the 1980s and 90s the business reached its peak there and betting volumes regularly reached Rs. 500 crore every month.

Eventually the Mumbai Police cracked down on the Matka dens, forcing the dealers out of the city. It’s not exactly clear on why the police seemingly suddenly decided on the crackdown, however.

Dealers decided to move to other states instead, including Gujarat and Rajasthan, though the business did not truly recover after that. Punters who were left hanging by the move eventually pursued Satta Matka online or decided to play other lottery games instead.

You can read more about the history and other Matka kings on Wikipedia.

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