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We are here to give you the best betting tips and highest quality articles about cricket, that you can find anywhere online!

To this day we still follow the original plan to be the leading online cricket betting portal on the Internet and helping out fellow bettors finding the best gambling portals to place their (cricket) bets. And we still follow this vision, as well as keep an up to date list of sportsbook reviews.

The focus on our site are delivering the best cricket betting tips and that too for free! The tips are produced by professional cricket writers, but often in conjunction with a trusted circle of professional bettors. The sites reviewed on this site are all the ones used by our betting team when analyzing the matches, so these are sportsbooks we use ourselves and can vouch for.

The Founder of ocbscores.com

Adrian – Besides being one of the founders, Adrian also holds a masters degree in finance. The analytical skills he learned there has always been put to use by all of Adrian's endeavors.

And that includes poker and sports betting. For the last 10 years has been a winner at both of these gambling games.

He has decided to devote his time trying to teach others to do the same. Given his love for games and the intricacies that comes with them has made these pastimes a lucrative business.

In the early history of ocbscores.com he handled absolutely everything on the site, all by himself. He still attempts to do so, and is involved in every decision that is made.


As the site expands the work required increases, and he has accepted a bit more help from the rest of the team:

The coding department

Tor - Has worked with on this site since 2017. Is a computer genius and handles everything advanced on the site. If the site was slow or down we would blame him.

But it never is.

That's why we love him instead.

Karsten - Is studying finance full time, but somehow finds the time to code. He is in charge of design and CSS.

And for the last year or so everything you see, great design great user experience, comes from his magic hands.

Our amazing writers

At the moment we have two experts who write tips, and one content writer.

Dhruv Gupta - is the very definition of a cricket nut

He watches every cricket match that he can. Thinks cricket statistics make for enthralling reading and is still unable to sleep before the night of a big match!

He played cricket at a high level in college and still plays a match every Sunday

Observing cricket for a long period of time has helped him identify certain tendencies and rhythms to the game which he uses to make his predictions. He has been writing professionally for over three years now.

Dhruv loves every aspect and form of cricket but is particularly fond of discussions on cricket pitch characteristics.

Jonhenry - the other main cricket betting tipster at www.ocbscores.com. A veteran in the world of cricket. He joined the team back after being a long time reader and follower of the website and has since provided our readers with analysis of all the top flight cricket matches and predictions on who will come out ahead.

Jonhenry hails from South Africa, a cricket mad country as well, which he of course takes part of himself! He has been following cricket since he was a kid and knows what there is to know about all the biggest teams and players on the back of his hand.

Anja a newcomer to ocbscores.com She joined up recently to help out with betting news and other betting aspects that might not relate directly to cricket, but stuff that is good to know for those that like to bet online.

Anja has great knowledge when it comes to the online betting industry and she will share with us promotions, bonuses, news and other stuff that goes on online. This will help heighten the quality on all the other articles on our site as well.

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