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Poker has always been a fan favourite game of gamblers worldwide. The game has numerous variations in terms of rules, number of decks of cards used and so on. One of those variations is Teen Patti, a simple and entertaining game that originates in India.

Teen Patti Live

Teen Patti is widely known as the favourite poker variant of players from India. The game’s name, translated into English, means “three cards”. It is also referred to as “flash” or “flush”. Those familiar with 3 Card Poker will find Teen Patti to be very similar to it.

Generally speaking, 3 Patti is a simplified version of standard poker played with a single deck of 52 cards. The hand rankings are identical to the standard ones, but certain terms differ since they have Indian names.

In any case, Teen Patti is popular and adored by many players worldwide. Therefore, we decided to analyse it and properly introduce the game to our readers. In this overview of Teen Patti, you will find all the information needed to get started, bonus offers, understand the gameplay and make smart decisions.

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How to Play Teen Patti Online?

Many Indians are accustomed to this interesting game. However, if you are new to playing it, we have got you covered!

Here we will explain how to play 3 Patti and some terminologies associated with the game.

Placing Boot amount

Teen Patti game starts with players placing the initial bet. This is known as the boot amount. Every player must add the minimum stake amount to the pot placed in the middle of the gaming table.

It is also known as Ante in this game. Players add their further stakes to this amount which increases the pot money.

Cards are dealt

After all the players place the boot amount, the dealer deals three cards for each player. The cards are dealt face-down as per one of the 3 patti rules.

Now it is up to players to see the cards and play the game or continue playing without seeing the cards. If you choose to see the cards, it is known as “Playing Seen”. If you don’t see the cards and play, it is known as “Playing Blind”.

Playing Blind

While playing blind, you keep your cards and add a stake to the pot. The stake can either be the current bet amount or double the current bet amount.

You can continue to play blind as long as you want in the game or even decide and see the cards. However, if you play blind until the end (when only you and one other player are left in the game), you can ask the other player to show the cards and vice versa. Then the cards are compared to decide the winner.

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Playing Seen

When the cards are dealt, you can see them and wager accordingly to play the game further. The bet amount will be 2x to 4x the current stake for the seen player.

You get three options when playing Seen. You must opt for one of the following 3 options:

1Chaal: It is also known as call and raise. It simply means the player who has seen cards can continue to play the game by placing more stakes. Generally, players who have good cards continue to play and try to get teen patti win.

2Drop/Pack: If the player does not have good cards, he can drop the game by saying “Pack”.

3Side Show: A seen player can ask for a side show and compare cards with the previous player. However, it is up to the previous player to decide if they accept the side show request. 

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Teen Patti Hands Rankings

A player must know the Ten Patti hands ranking to successfully play the game and win. These 3 patti rules play an important role in deciding the winner. 

They must know which card combinations present a strong hand and which combinations will likely lose. Below you can find the 3 patti sequence list from highest to lowest, alongside short explanations of each hand:

Three of a kind (Trio or Trail)


As the name suggests, this hand is made of three same cards. For example, a 3 patti sequence of three fours or three Queens. The highest such combination is three Aces, whereas the lowest is three twos.

Straight flush (Pakki Round)

Poker fans know that a straight hand is one made of consecutive cards, whereas a flush is made of cards of the same suit. A straight flush is a combination of both, and in the 3 Patti game, it’s called Pakki Round. An example of such a hand would be A-K-Q of the same suit (heart, spade, etc.).

Straight (Sequence)

Three consecutive cards, which are not of the same suit, make a straight hand. The highest such 3 patti sequence hand is made of Ace, King and Queen, whereas the lowest of four, three and two.

Flush (Colour)

Any three cards with the same suit present a generally strong flush hand. In case both the player and the dealer get a flush, then the highest card in the combination is the one that gives the winner.

Pair (Double)

Any two cards of the same rank make a pair. When comparing pairs, it is important to pay attention to both the pair as well as to the third card. In case the pair is identical, the winner is the one that holds the teen patti sequence with a higher rank in the third card.

High card

The last hand in 3 patti online is called no pair, and its name is pretty self-explanatory. When neither the player nor the dealer holds a pair, the one that has the highest card wins.

Teen Patti Variations

There are several entertaining variants of this game. Some of the popular versions of the best teen patti game are: 

2-3-5 (Deuce-To-Five or Do-Teen-Paanch

The highest straight here is considered to be 2-3-5.


The player with the lowest card rank is the winner of tinpati game. This is essentially the opposite of the regular game.


This 3 patti online game is played with Joker. Here, Ace, King, 4 and 7 are used as jokers in the game. Any player with these can replace them for any of their cards to form a meaningful sequence per the 3 Patti rules.


Joker card is opened on the table, and all cards of the same pip value (irrespective of suits) are treated as equal jokers.

Best of Four

This variation, players get four cards with which he has to form the best three-card sequence.

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Probabilities of the Online Teen Patti Game

Even though the probabilities for the game depend on the version played, the standard one offers the following probabilities. You can even check the info for the game you play.

No Pair








Straight Flush


Three of a Kind


Betting Offer

Casino Bonus Up to ₹60,000 + ₹1500 Free Bets


Best 3 Patti Game Online

Online Teen Patti game can be played to win real cash at some of the recommended casino betting sites in India.

To make it easier for our readers to choose which variant of Tinpatti to play, we have reviewed it in detail and created a video review of it as well.


This is a classic version of 3 Patti with hand rankings as defined. Rather than playing against the dealer, the game is played between 2 Players, Player A and Player B, and you have to decide which player will win.

There are 6 Options available to 3 patti play online:

  1. You can choose to Bet on Player A winning
  2. You can choose to Bet on Player B winning
  3. You can choose a Tie, and the payout will be made if both Player A and Player B have the same hand rankings

Besides the bets above, there are 3 side bets available:

  1. You can bet on Pair+ for Player A cards
  2. You can bet on Pair+ for Player B cards

By placing a Pair+ bet, your all hand rankings above Pair are paid out.

  1. You can also choose to make a 6-Card bet. Once 3 cards are dealt to both player A and player B, the best of 5 cards are chosen. Any hand ranking above Three of a Kind gets paid.

 Here is a video review of playing live Teen Patti on the Super Spade table


This Teen Patti live game is different and more similar to Three Card Poker. The player plays against the dealer and is one of the best 3 patti game online. 

On placing an initial “Ante” bet, 3 cards are dealt to the player and the dealer. You can decide to continue through, in which you make a “Play” bet. Or, you can forfeit the initial Ante if you decide not to continue the game.

The dealer qualifies with the criteria mentioned in the real teen patti online table.

Side Bets can also be made before the start of the play for additional winnings.Do check out if the game has side bets before starting.

Here is a video review of playing live Teen Patti on the Ezugi table

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Teen Patti is sure an entertaining game to play online. Casino betting sites have made a simple interface that helps even new users catch on quickly. You can try it out at one of the top casinos suggested above. 

However, you can now enjoy Teen Patti in real-time at some live casinos like Parimatch. Additionally, you can also communicate in local languages like Hindi with the dealers and enjoy the game.

Other interesting Indian games include Satta Matka, AndarBahar, Lottery, Rummy etc. These are popularly enjoyed in different parts of India. In fact, some states have legalised lottery gaming. Read our detailed articles to catch up on the info.

We also recommend some other tiles that you can enjoy at these casinos. The list includes slots, roulette, poker and blackjack game.


1. How to play teen patti online?

You can choose one of the best teen patti sites from our list above. Then register there, make a deposit and play teen patti live games.

2. Can I play teen patti games on my mobile phone?

Yes, you can play teen patti games on mobile. You can either download the casino apps or access the casino site through the browser and play. Both offer amazing entertainment on your mobile screen.

3. How do I place teen patti bets?

There is a software interface in the teen patti games. You just have to click on the gaming options to convey it to the dealer.

4. Is teen patti a game of skill?

Teen Patti is a game of chance. You can strategise and play. However, the outcome cannot be predicted, and hence it is a pure game of chance. 

5. Is teen patti online legal in India?

There are no federal laws that prevent you from playing teen patti online. Hence, you can legally access it in India.

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