How to Play American Blackjack Game?

Blackjack is among the top casino games played online. At the online casinos, you can find several variants of this game. 

Some of the popular variants include European Blackjack, American Blackjack, Lightning Blackjack, Blackjack VIP and so on. Among these, American Blackjack is one of the best variants of the game that is interesting to play.

Many casinos widely offer these games on their site. We recommend you play on the Parimatch site with extraordinary graphics, visuals, and sound effects.

The American Blackjack game is played with 4 standard decks. There is no surrender or re-splitting in this game. You can split any 10 value cards during the gameplay. The player of the game auto-stands on a 21 value. 

American Blackjack Casino India

How to Play American Blackjack?

You can go to any renowned casino and start searching American Blackjack, and click it. It will get loaded, and the game is all set for the player.

Step 1: Select the chip with which you like to start the bet.

Step 2: You can place the bet by clicking one or more of the Place Bet positions.

Step 3: Once the chip is placed, you can click the initial chips to increase the bet.

Step 4: If you want to remove the last bets placed, please click ‘Undo.’

Step 5: You can even click the ‘Clear Bets’ if you want to remove all bets placed.

Step 6: After placing the bets, press ‘Deal’ to start the hand.

Step 7: The dealer will be dealt 1 card face up, and 1 card face down, and you will be dealt 2 cards.

Step 8: Hit and Stand are the standard options available.

Step 9: The option to Split or Double depends on the dealt cards.

Step 10: Once you completed one game, click the ‘Rebet’ to continue again.

American Blackjack Casino India

American Blackjack House Edge:

The house edge in American Blackjack tables typically ranges from 0.31 to 0.35 per cent, although it can be influenced by various other factors.

How Different Elements Impact the House Edge in American Blackjack

The American Blackjack house edge is influenced by various factors. These include the number of decks used, the payout for a blackjack (a combination of an Ace and a 10-value card), specific rules dictating when the dealer stands, and more.

The manner in which cards are dealt also impacts the game.

In the American Blackjack game, when the dealer’s face-up card is an Ace or a 10-value card, they check their second card to determine if they have a natural blackjack (a hand totalling 21 points with only two cards).

If the dealer has a natural blackjack and you don’t, you lose your bet immediately, without the opportunity to make decisions on whether to hit or stand.

The game continues as usual if the dealer doesn’t have a natural blackjack.

As a result, you make your move, possibly doubling down and increasing your wager, only to ultimately lose to the dealer’s natural blackjack.

You can also use the casino bonus offers available on the site to play and enjoy the game.

American Blackjack Casino India

American Blackjack’s possible move and their meaning:

  • Hit: Ask for one more card without changing the total bet.
  • Stand: Play with the current hand without requesting more cards. The total bet remains the same.
  • Double Down: Ask for one more card, but no further cards after that. The total bet is doubled.
  • Split: Split cards of the same value into two separate hands. The total bet is doubled.
  • Take Insurance: Place a side bet if the dealer has an Ace, winning if the dealer has a natural blackjack. The total bet is increased by 0.5 of the original wager.
  • Surrender: Give up before the game outcome is revealed. The total bet is reduced by 0.5 of the original wager.

American Blackjack Casino India

Rules of American Blackjack

  • Most American blackjack online games play with 6 or 8 deck cards. The Parimatch version played with 4 standard decks.
  • The objective of the game is to score a higher total card value than the dealer.
  • The dealer stands on soft 17.
  • Blackjack pays 3:2 in most casinos, though several games pay 6:5.
  • The dealer peeks for blackjack on 10s, Faces, and Aces.
  • Players may double down on any initial hand.
  • Players may double down after splitting.
  • Players can split any 10-value cards.
  • Double after split is allowed.
  • If a player draws 10 value cards after splitting Aces, the result is considered 21, not Blackjack. 
  • A player can split only once per hand.

Blackjack Rule:

  • If the first two cards that the player or dealer receives are an Ace or a 10-valued card, then the hand is called a Blackjack. 
  • If the player is dealt a Blackjack, then he will stand.
  • If the player doesn’t get a Blackjack, then he will be paid 3:2.
  • There is no offer that can be made to take the money when the dealer has Ace showing and the player already has Blackjack.

Dealer’s Face Down Card Rule:

If the dealer faces up care is an Ace or 10 valued card, the dealer will check for Blackjack by looking at the face card. But they won’t reveal the card. 

  • If the dealer has Blackjack:
  • Players with Blackjack will be in Push.
  • All other bets are lost immediately.
  • The play continues if the dealer does not have the Blackjack.

Now that you have some understanding of the game, you can play American Blackjack demo game to practise it. We are suggesting some of the top Indian online casinos for you to explore. Try them today!

American Blackjack Casino India

American Blackjack Payouts:

In this game, the payouts are categorized into three types: natural wins, other wins, and insurance.

The payout rates remain consistent with the following ratios:


3 to 2


2 to 1


1 to 1



In conclusion, American Blackjack is a popular variant of the casino game, offering exciting gameplay and attractive offers. Players can enjoy exceptional graphics and sound effects on platforms like Parimatch. With four standard decks and the ability to split 10-value cards, players have flexibility in the Blackjack strategy. Follow the Blackjack tips discussed in this review to get a better outcome of the game.

The house edge is influenced by factors like the number of decks and blackjack payouts. Understanding the rules, such as the dealer standing on soft 17 and the option to double down and split, is crucial for success. 

Payouts in the American Blackjack real money game follow a standard structure, with a natural blackjack paying 3 to 2. Overall, the American Blackjack real money game provides an immersive and rewarding gaming experience.

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