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Cricket Results

Jun 23, 2024
148/6 in 20.0
127/10 in 19.2
T20 World Cup 2024 - 8th Match
Afghanistan beat Australia by 21 runs
Match Center
Jun 22, 2024
196/5 in 20.0
146/8 in 20.0
T20 World Cup 2024 - 7th Match
India beat Bangladesh by 50 runs
Match Center
128/10 in 19.5
West Indies
130/1 in 10.5
T20 World Cup 2024 - 6th Match
West Indies beat United States of America by 9 wickets
Match Center
Jun 21, 2024
177/3 in 20.0
184/8 in 20.0
Vitality T20 Blast 2024 - 72nd Match
Sussex beat Hampshire by 7 runs
No Info
208/5 in 20.0
208/7 in 20.0
Vitality T20 Blast 2024 - 66th Match
Match tied
Match Center
108/1 in 9.0
107/9 in 20.0
Vitality T20 Blast 2024 - 69th Match
Surrey beat Glamorgan by 9 wickets
No Info
190/5 in 18.4
188/4 in 20.0
Vitality T20 Blast 2024 - 71st Match
Gloucestershire beat Somerset by 5 wickets
Match Center
170/6 in 20.0
167/7 in 20.0
Vitality T20 Blast 2024 - 68th Match
Durham won by 3 runs
Match Center
173/5 in 20.0
165/8 in 20.0
Vitality T20 Blast 2024 - 67th Match
Nottinghamshire beat Derbyshire by 8 runs
No Info
156/7 in 20.0
157/5 in 15.0
Vitality T20 Blast 2024 - 70th Match
Essex won by 5 wickets
No Info

What does OCBScores “LIVE CRICKET SCORE” Page offer?

Our live cricket score page is a dynamic platform covering worldwide cricket tournaments - small to big. It brings you live score updates along with the odds to bet on. So, this serves as a common medium for both cricket fans and bettors.

You can check out the individual match centers for a closer look at the game of your choice. Live betting is an exciting event for punters who need a ball-by-ball update along with the stats of players and teams. So understand this demand and serve exactly what you want.

This page can be considered a cricket live blog with live odds, pre-match analysis, and lively bookmaker banners accompanying you in the betting journey.

Interested bettors can click on the odds at the beginning of the page to get a list of best betting sites in India. You can also go through our OCBscores bookie reviews to get a grip on your online gambling foundation.

The match center displayed on this page would take you to our legit cricket betting tips, where you can get the match details, like venue, date, and time, along with the best match predictions. We are proud to say that our cricket blog is one of the top choices of cricket enthusiasts.

We are a global platform for serving cricket live match updates. This is not just for one match or tournament. We provide live cricket commentary for at least two matches based on the significance the match holds in the vision of our readers.

Knowing how a particular team in a tournament performs is essential to placing bets on them in future matches. This is precisely why we cover the results sections in which you can know how the team has dealt with its opponents.

You get to analyze their performance and know the score and any other detail specific to that particular match. As you click on “More Cricket Results”, you can see all the previous matches of that tournament. This would be advantageous for IPL betting.

Since we are associated with the best online bookmakers, we can also suggest which one offers the best bonus for any cricket tournament. You can find attractive banners on the page to click on and be redirected to those bookies.

Now you may think all these fantastic services wouldn’t come without any price. Well, fear not. All the live cricket score updates, along with the match centers, tips, and match history, are for free. That is precisely why we are the first choice of several Indian punters, irrespective of their proficiency in online betting. We give you what you want at the right time and in the right amounts.

This page will discuss how live cricket betting works and the top bookmakers that allow you to bet on a live score and give you the best bonus offers. Also, we will guide you through the type of bets available in the online betting market. Starting with live cricket betting, read along to know more.


Be a part of the biggest T20 cricket betting cultural phenomenon, the Indian Premier League (IPL). This league has revolutionized not just the cricket world but online betting, too.

Follow the IPL live score on the recommended bookmakers and play the best odds to win exclusive bonus offers and high profits. Bettors can monitor the IPL live scores on online betting sites and place their money on events that benefit them.

One of the advantages of the bookies that we have listed is that cricket punters can keep tabs on real-time updates before they gamble away the in-play odds or pre-game events. Follow our IPL live betting tips, today match scorecards and be confident to make big bucks.

Dafabet Screenshot

One of the best IPL live betting sites is Dafabet. The bookie is one of the oldest online bookmakers that has delivered reliable cricket betting services. You can find both modern and old-school betting on the bookie, making it an interesting betting site. You have a separate live scores section to follow any cricket tournament.

Bettors can find betting exchanges on the site and the Dafabet app, where you can place bets on IPL live scores and other tournaments. Download the app from the bookies by scanning the QR code available for Android and iOS users.

Apart from betting on the IPL scorecard, you can also win exclusive IPL betting offers with the bookie. The welcome bonus for the newbies is 160% of up to Rs.16,000. Download the app or join the bookie through the website today and gear up for IPL 2024 live score betting. Also, stream IPL T20 on Dafabet today. You can find this option in the “Live” section of the bookie.


One way to keep online betting exciting is to get started with live betting. That’s right – you can wager on games or matches while they unfold.

For some players, live – or in-play betting is about excitement. Watching the game on the second, then betting on what you think will happen the next.

For others, like experienced bettors, live betting is about the opportunities that can come up you’d otherwise not find in a pre-game selection of lines.

Speaking of which, we will share a few live betting strategies in a minute. But first, let’s look at the best sportsbooks for in-play betting. Then, a general overview of live betting.

Parimatch Live Cricket Score Betting - For Best Odds

Parimatch India is one of the best betting sites, which is an amazing platform for cricket betting. It has hundreds of live cricket. match betting events where you can play the best betting odds in the market and reap big rewards.

Parimatch Screenshot

The bookie also provides you with live score cards making it easier for you to make informed live betting effortlessly. To bet on these Parimatch in-play events, all you need to do is follow the steps below:

All this is made simpler through the Parimatch app, which Android users can download from the official website. You can browse the bookie cricket live blog, where interesting cricket betting tips are discussed.

New bettors can claim a Parimatch welcome bonus of 150% of up to Rs.20,000. This dynamic promotional offer can make betting on cricket live score more fun. Follow the bookie rules for claiming the bonus and reap real money benefits.

1xbet Live Betting - For Best Cricket Live Score Betting

This is yet another one of the best live betting sites in India. The 1xbet app or website has an amazing infrastructure. It is also a reliable bookmaker with state-of-the-art security features.

1xBet Screenshot

When you visit the website or the app, you can find different sports markets from which you can choose Cricket. The bookie gives the utmost importance to cricket, which is evident in the promotional offers they come up with for every significant cricket tournament.

The 1xbet live betting option is available on the menu bar of the homepage. You can also find a live icon on the sports offered in the middle of the homepage. Once you click on it, you can find all the tournaments with live cricket scores to bet on. Choose anyone and add it to the bet slip.

Though you can find the individual cricket championships in the bookie menu on the left, the in-play section gives parallel live score updates that you can place your bets on. You can find IPL live scorecard, today match scorecard, etc. If you are a new user, don’t forget to claim the 1xbet sign up bonus of 100% up to Rs.33,000.

Rajabets Live Betting - For Real Money Bonus Offers

Want to do live betting on a modern sportsbook? Rajabets is your go-to place. It is one of the contemporary bookies with an extremely well-organized interface.

Rajabets Screenshot

The bookie has a dedicated Cricket and Live Betting section. You can find all the pre-game events in the former, all the cricket live score betting events, and various sports in the latter section. It provides competitive odds and encourages bettors to enjoy several betting offers.

Through the Rajabets app, you can claim a whopping 150% welcome sports bonus of up to Rs.1,00,000. The bookie is right. Who can refuse this kind of bonus? Download the app now to make your betting journey quick and easy on Android and iOS devices.

Choose the bookie at any time, especially during IPL, the best IPL live score betting in India. You can download the app from the official website or from the respective native app stores. Do this before IPL 2024 to pree and win real money bonus offers.

10cric Live Betting - For Wide Range Of Betting Markets

10cric sports occupies a creamy layer in the online betting industry. It is one of the best betting apps and also the site that provides cricket scorecards through its live scores section. The bookie is safe and fast to be chosen without second thoughts.

10cric Screenshot

As the name suggests, 10cric India holds a high value for cricket betting. Find the live betting section in the menu bar. Once you enter, you can find the different sports live scorecards and betting events, enabling you to enjoy the spectrum of best odds in the market. Choose cricket and win amazing profits.

If you just want to know how the various tournaments are going on, follow the 10cric live scores page and bet on the upcoming matches in the sports section of the bookie. IPL live scores are readily available to the punters visiting the bookie during the hot season. Browse and enjoy it without any hurdles.

The bookie is renowned for its 10cric bonuses, which are like a parade. Name any tournament, be it CPL or IPL, T20 or World Cup, and you get a buffet of promotional offers. Download the 10cric app today and enjoy these along with live cricket streaming and gambling with ease.

Crickex Live Betting - For Best Betting Exchange

If you are looking for the best cricket betting exchange with fantastic in-play events, then Crickex India is your hub. The bookie is a top preference by most of the bettors in India for its incredible odds.

Crickex Screenshot

You can find a dedicated webpage to cricket which is the soul of the company’s revenue. You can navigate to this section through the homepage by clicking on the “Cricket” tab. Bettors can find live cricket scorecards, in-play betting odds, and multimarkets.

Crickex live betting has several sports markets to explore and bet smoothly. There is also multi-market betting which you explore through the bookie app or the site without any hindrance. Follow the live cricket scorecards whilst placing bets to multiply your fun.

The Crickex app is available for Android users to download from the official site of the bookie. iOS users can continue enjoying IPL scorecards and live betting through their mobile browser.

Now that you know where to enjoy live cricket score betting let us see how in-play/live betting works. Read ahead.

What is live cricket in-play betting - How does it work?

Live betting is similar to ‘normal’ betting. The odds are available shortly before a game starts. And you’ll notice that once one bookmaker opens the odds for a game, most bookies follow immediately. This can be a good time to line shop. So, you’ll want to be on your toes.

22Bet Screenshot

The betting process – choosing lines, placing bets, etc. — is the same as regular betting. You’ll just want to pull up the screen and refresh it every few seconds/minutes to see the most current/available odds. You can also follow the cricket scorecards while placing your bets here.

Some bookmakers updated their betting odds in real-time (no refresh necessary). Just make sure you know what your betting site does. Don’t assume – otherwise, you might miss an opportunity.

From there, you’ll choose your bets, fill out your bet slips, and then confirm your wager. The in-play events have the match scorecard odds. Not all events are included in this, which varies from bookie to bookie.

The main advantage of live in-play betting is seeing the cricket live scorecards and placing your bets. It also allows you to trade positions based on the situation of the match, which will increase your chances of winning the bet. You can cash out whenever there is a high profit before the match ends.

Let us now see the different types of bets available in live in-play betting.


The type of bets you can make will vary from sport to sport. In some cases, the bets you can make will be exclusive to live betting, while in others, they’ll be the same bets you can make even if the game weren’t live.

Here’s a small sample of in-play bets you can make:

And you usually can find plenty more with various betting sites. This is just a tiny glimpse of the ones available. Remember that the bets you can make will vary based on the sport/game AND the betting site. You might want to have accounts at a few different books.


We want to give you a few tips before you start live betting. Our OCBSCORES experts bring you the best of live tips on our platform analyzing the match conditions, h2h results, player forms, performances, recent match results, how good the teams are doing and also weighing out any chances of home team advantage etc.

Anyway, let’s get into the tips.

  1. Look for momentum swings. Is a team scoring a lot of runs? Sometimes, teams/players will ride that momentum to a win.
  2. Don’t pull the trigger right (on new wagers) away. Wait a minute to see if a line changes in your favor. Often, something will pop up that’s +EV. But you’ll only find it if you have patience.
  3. Shop around. Common sense, I know. But we bring it up because since games are live, betting sites can have a hard time coming up with (good) lines. Their mistake can be your opportunity.
  4. Are they (teams/players) starters or finishers? One way to find some value is to look for teams that may have started slow but are known to come back strong (they’re finishers). This applies the other way around, too – you can look for teams that started off strong but are known to choke later on.
  5. Cricket odds change often. When they start shifting, you want to get in on the side the odds are getting worse for – at the best price possible.
  6. Watch the game. It’s the only way to know what’s going on and to catch anything that might give you an edge, like momentum swings and injuries.
Upcoming     • Today
ICC Men's T20 World Cup 2024
There have been at least 46 runs after 6 overs in the first innings in 11 of the last 12 ENG games
Upcoming     • Tomorrow
ICC Men's T20 World Cup 2024
WI have hit more sixes than their opponent in their last 9 games against SA
Upcoming     • Tomorrow
ICC Men's T20 World Cup 2024
IND have had the highest scoring batsman in their last 8 games

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