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true story broKnowledge is power.

True story, bro.

Seriously, though, with a bit of info you can see a MAJOR difference in the amount of money you make betting on cricket.

You can learn how to manage your money, find +EV opportunities, and predict winners to get all the edge you need.

Or, you can be like most people, and bet on your favorite team, batsman, or whichever team is wearing the ‘blue’ jersey.

Your choice. And I don’t care what you do. You’re not spending MY money.

Me, though?

I’ll be combing these articles to learn how to make money betting on sports.

Online Betting Articles on Our Site

Here are links to the strategy articles on our site. I recommend you bookmark this page since we’ll be updating it over time.

Cricket Betting Terminology – First things first: learn what the different betting words and definitions mean. We have gathered the most common ones in regards to online cricket betting.

How Betting Odds Work – If you don’t understand what odds are or how they work, you’ll be forever confused betting on sports. We cover how bookmakers come up with their odds, what affects odds, and how to read the different types of odds bookmakers use.

Cricket Bets – Next up when you have gotten an understanding of how betting odds work, you should get familiar with what type of cricket bets are available. There are far more options than simply wagering on who will win a certain cricket match, so read up on the different options you have available to you here.

Guide to Bankroll Management – Managing your money is important if you want to bet long term without having to constantly dip into your savings. We also cover a few mental aspects of bankroll management that often goes unmentioned.

Betting Exchanges – Can’t get enough of cricket betting and want to start trading maybe? Well you can if you start using a betting exchange. Here you can buy and sell positions on bets and outcomes, just like you would in a stock market.

How to Make Money Betting on Cricket – Get tips for how to make money betting on cricket matches. This is in a list format so you can quickly go down the line and check which tips you’re using and which ones you need to work on.

How to Predict Cricket Matches – This page is slightly different than above in that you’ll learn more about the process of trying to predict who will win. This is not easy by any means (pro bettors win like 53-60% of the time) and will take some work. Probably not a page for recreational bettors.

Arbitrage Betting – Explanation of how arbitrage betting works and how you can get started with it. We show examples from cricket matches and how you can use free bets and bonuses to win more using matched betting.

Virtual Cricket Betting – The latest online cricket betting experience - virtual cricket betting! Learn all you need to know about betting on computer automated cricket matches online.

How to Approach Online Betting

Here are some tips to online betting. These are very general tips and not something that may directly make you loads of money. They’re more ‘mind-set’ focused.

But that doesn’t mean you value these tips any less. If anything, you should pay MORE attention to these. They’ll give you a strong foundation to build off of.

Anyway, enough preaching – let’s get started:

Know what you are betting on

One tip I got from a pro bettor is to like whatever it is you’re betting on. At least in the beginning.

It’s a lot easier to make the time to learn about something (sports betting) if you’re enjoying what you’re doing.

In other words – don’t bet volleyball matches if you don’t like watching them. Like MMA instead? Then watch and bet on that.

Be prepared for losses

Like I said, even the pros lose 40-48% of the time. If you’re new to this, how often do you realistically expect to win?

Know why you are betting

Are you betting for fun or profit?

It sounds like a small thing to decide. Maybe it is.

But for lots of people it’ll determine how much time and effort you spend learning about sports betting. It’ll determine how serious you are about bankroll management. It’ll determine whether or not you make a consistent profit in the long run.

Maybe it doesn’t seem so small after all?

Don’t rush it

One way to lighten your wallet fast is to approach sports betting as a get rich quick scheme.

There’s no such thing, sports betting or otherwise. Sorry to burst your bubble.

The problem with this approach is it often leads people to get greedy. They buy picks. They spend loads of money on tools or other worthless things. They chase losses.

Worse yet – they spend money they don’t have.

If you need a steady income, like yesterday, do yourself a favor and get a job. Don’t look at sports betting as your (fast) path to riches.

Study the sports

Be prepared to do some research.

Proper sports betting takes lots of data. If you don’t already have that from years of betting, you’ll need to research it.

You’ll want to look for trends, scores, and data that might be specific to certain players, coaches, situations, locations, and loads more.

On top of that you’ll want current info too. That requires research.

All of this is needed to make really informed bets. Only followed by…

Shop for the best odds

Getting a good price.

This is common sense (I hope), but one thing you should have is an account at multiple betting sites so you can be sure to always get the best price. It might not seem like much to spend an extra 5 or 10 cents (or more, obviously), but it adds up over time. Spending a little extra money unnecessarily can ding your win-rate.

Detach yourself from the money

View your money as a tool.

When you view your money as a tool you look at wins and losses differently. You’re not keen to chase losses (which usually results in bigger losses anyway). Money is simply a way to make MORE money.

Don’t drink and bet

Bet sober.

Another common sense tip. But you shouldn’t bet while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Trust me, you’ll make plenty of dumb mistakes sober. There’s no reason to make things harder on yourself.

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