Guide to Twenty20 Betting

Let’s chat a minute about Twenty20 betting.

(Which I’ll abbreviate as T20 from here on out.)

If you’ve read our ODI page, then this page will be familiar in many ways. So I’ll go ahead and start this page where the two are different, starting with the history.

After that I’ll chat about T20 betting options and rules.

Twenty20 History

Twenty20 cricket got a much later start than ODI. The first match was in 2003.

The idea for this variation came from a desire to make cricket a faster paced game – more exciting than the games that took several days to complete.

And the T20 format has been well received on a global scale.

For example, Pakistan held a tournament in 2004. 13 teams from all over the country participated.

This tournament drew a crowd of 20,000 spectators. This was the first time in 25 years the ground was sold out.

And, this format has grown from there.

Nowadays you don’t have to attend a live match. You can stream and/or bet on them from the comfort of your own home.

But before I get into the betting options, let’s look at the mechanics. How does T20 betting compare to ODI?

For one thing, T20 is a MUCH faster game than ODI. ODI’s fast, but with their limited 50 overs format they’ve got nothing on T20’s limited 20 overs format.

But like ODI a match is played with 2 teams. Each team gets one inning. However, in a T20 match each side is limited to 80 minutes. That’s all the time they have to get their 20 overs.

There’s also no option to tie.

When there’s a tie, there’s a tie breaker of sorts. Each team nominates 3 batsman and 1 bowler.

If a team loses 2 wickets before the over is complete, they lose the game outright (and the other team wins).

If that doesn’t happen, the team with the highest score from the single over will win.

Pretty straightforward, eh?

Those are some of the biggest differences. The rest of this page will look at the T20 betting options you’ll have. You can skip this section if you’ve checked out our ODI page since they’re quite similar.

Everyone else, let’s get started.

Twenty20 Betting Options Plus Rules to Know

Now for the moment you’ve been waiting for – T20 betting options.

Here are some of the markets you’ll find online. We pulled these from a couple of the most popular UK sportsbooks online.

Here you go:

  • Match betting
  • Series betting
  • Race to 10 runs
  • Match handicap
  • Top batsman / bowler
  • Innings runs / innings sixes
  • Team with lowest innings score
  • Runs at fall of next wicket
  • Over at fall of next wicket
  • Runs off delivery
  • In-play runs in first ‘x’ overs
  • Wickets lost by ‘x’ runs
  • A fifty to be scored in the match

And a few of the current markets available:

  • To win the match
  • Highest opening partnership
  • Most runs outs
  • To win the toss
  • Most match sixes
  • 1st wicket method
  • Man of the match
  • Stage of elimination
  • Group betting
  • To reach semi-final
  • Team to hit most 6s

These came from 3 different matches, and there was plenty more.

Now, one thing I noticed when I grabbed these markets to list here, are the rules that sportsbooks have for ODI and T20 betting.

(Which are often the same.)

These are important to read and understand because I noticed several came down to whether the sportsbooks would honor or void your bet.

So, you need to pay attention. And read the rules from whichever sportsbook you plan to bet T20 at.

Here are some of the rules that stood out to me:

  • Matches affected by weather will come down to official rules. In other cases ‘dead-heat’ rules will apply.
  • If matches are canceled but not replayed within 36 hours then bets will be void.
  • Bets are void if the number of matches change (unless a settlement of bets is determined). Applies to Series Betting.
  • Bets are good unless either of the listed players does not open the batting. And if neither batsman reaches 10 runs due to weather, bets are void. Applies to Race to 10 Runs.
  • A minimum number of overs must be bowled (unless All Out or match has been completed) for bets to be honored. 10 overs for 40-Over Competitions, 20 overs for 50-Over Competitions, and 6-Overs for Twenty20 Cup. Applies to Top Batsman/Bowler.
  • A min number of overs must be scheduled. There needs to be an official result too, or else all bets are void. Applies to Fifty to Be Score.

Like I said, those are the ones I noticed. But there are others.

And, they will vary from book to book.

So be sure to read all the rules before you place your bet.

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