Guide to ODI Betting

So, you want to bet on ODI cricket matches, eh?

Great – and we’ll get to that in just a second.

But because we have readers who are brand new to cricket, we want to get them up to speed first.

Then I’ll get into your betting options and some of the rules sportsbooks impose.

First things first – a quick history lesson.

ODI stands for One Day International. It’s a type of limited overs cricket. Matches are between two teams and are completed in one day.

The first ODI-style match was played in 1971 after a 3-day bout of bad weather forced officials to organize a one-off match limited to 40 overs per side.

Over the next 4 years more than a dozen ‘one day’ matches were played.

Then, in the late 70’s many elements from ODI were added to the World Series Cricket competition.

And, as the saying goes, the rest is history.

ODI matches are played in the ICC Cricket World cup every four years. And in the ICC Champions Trophy every two years.

The biggest change nowadays is teams are limited to 50 overs instead of 40.

What Makes This Format Popular?

Because of the ‘one day’ time limit, matches are more aggressive (although not nearly as aggressive as Twenty20 (T20) matches). The focus is on getting runs, so batting teams often use power plays and other aggressive tactics.

From the fan’s perspective, since matches are over in one day, there’s no need to set aside several days of time and money to watch a match.

The volatility of these matches can get fans riled up too.

Popular Betting Options + Things to Know

Let’s go over some of the popular betting options you’ll have.

We pulled these from Bet365 – many of which are from markets they currently had prices for. We highly recommend them to players who are able to join (non-USA).

Below the list of markets we also list some rules you should expect to find from an online sportsbook.

Let’s jump into it. First, here are some of the markets you can bet on:

  • Match Betting
  • Series Betting
  • Race to 10 Runs
  • Match Handicap
  • Top Batsman / Bowler
  • Innings Runs / Innings Sixes
  • Team with Lowest Innings Score
  • Runs at Fall of Next Wicket
  • Over at Fall of Next Wicket
  • Runs Off Delivery
  • In-Play Runs in First ‘x’ Overs
  • Wickets Lost by ‘X’ Runs
  • A Fifty to Be scored in the Match

Nothing too special. Many, if not most of these markets are available for your everyday cricket match.

But here’s something that’s not – rules specifically for these types of matches.

We pulled these from Bet365 too, so understand that they will vary from book to book.

Please take a minute to read over these rules as each market is different, and often times it comes down to whether or not a bet will be voided.

  • Matches affected by weather will be governed by the official rules. This includes cases where no price is quoted for ties. For exceptions ‘dead-heat’ rules will apply.
  • If a match is cancelled all bets will be void if the match isn’t replayed within 36 hours of its advertised start time.
  • (Series Betting) Bets are void if the number of matches changes unless a settlement of bets is already determined.
  • (Race to 10 Runs) Bets are good unless either one of the listed players does not open the batting. If neither batsman reaches 10 runs due to weather bets are void.
  • (Top Batsman / Bowler) These overs must be bowled (at a minimum) unless an All Out or match has been completed. Otherwise bets are void.
    • ODI – 20 overs
    • Domestic 40 Over Competitions – 10 overs
    • Domestic 50 Over Competitions – 20 overs
    • Twenty20 Cup – 6 overs
  • (Fifty to Be Score) The minimum number of overs needs to be scheduled, and there needs to be an (official) result. Otherwise bets are void.

These are the biggest rules I found.

You’ll notice there are differences from one rule to the next. Like the weather – in some cases weather will impact the decision to honor or void bets, while in others it makes no difference at all.

You’ll want to pay attention to these. It may impact your decision to make a bet, or what book you decide to do business with for a particular match.

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