Odds Boosts

Boosted or enhanced odds are one of the most popular promotions a betting site can offer. What you get with enhanced odds and whether such an offer is worth your time, you’ll find out here. We’ll also tell you which betting sites regularly offer boosted odds.

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Odds Boosts - What are they?

Odds boosts are special offers that betting sites make, which essentially give you better odds for the same price and therefore a higher return.

You will find odds boosts also called enhanced odds, boosted odds, enhanced prices. This may just depend on the betting sites preference or on the region you are in and what is customary there.

Either way, it always means the same thing. Where you previously received completely average odds for a specific match or market (such as 4/10 = 1.40) you will suddenly get a boost, which can give you a small increase in odds or a bigger one (such as 3.0 or even 7.0).

Boosted odds may look as if the betting site is suddenly changing their prediction for a match or outcome, but in fact they are simply offering you to make higher returns if your bet should win. Your price doesn't change, but your potential returns increase.

Which sports are odds boosts available for?

Not every sport is equally well covered when it comes to odds boosts or promotions in general. You will often find promotions for football betting or horse racing betting. These are massive markets, after all, and many big betting sites place a particular focus on these sports.

That doesn't mean you won't find boosted odds for cricket. Indeed, some betting sites don't necessarily restrict the sport you can use boosted offers for. They will place other restrictions on the promotion, which still allows you to use it for different markets and perhaps benefit from boosted odds.

If a betting site has a strong focus on cricket betting, of course, your chances of finding boosted odds offers here are much better.

Types of Boosted Odds

There are various types of odds boosts promotions that you are likely to encounter at most betting sites. Here we have gathered a few for you.

  • Enhanced odds for new customers Whilst many betting sites offer a deposit bonus or a free bet to new customers, other also give new customers vastly enhanced odds on their first bet. Such an offer is likely restricted to a specific sport or event, available for a limited time only and likely requires a fresh deposit as well. The odds you may get a much higher than odds boosts usually are just to make the offer more appealing to new customers.
  • Price Boosts A fairly common type of odds boosts available to new and existing customers, which usually pay out your winnings back in cash.
  • Boost your odds Some betting sites will let you choose the game you want boosted odds for and request them as you place your bets. Here, too, winnings are usually paid in cash. The boost you'll get is comparatively small, however.
  • Best Odds Guaranteed Similar to above offer, where you can request better odds than the competition offers after shopping around. You get to pick the match you want to bet on, though there are limitations such as maximum stake. Winnings are usually paid out in cash here as well.
  • Double or Triple Winnings Special boosts on a very specific match or outcome, where you can double or even triple your winnings. You may find an offer where a team wins by a specified margin or a player scores a hattrick.
  • Enhanced place offers This is specific to horse racing, where you may place an 'each way' or 'place' bet, though you get more options than would usually be the case. An example would be to be paid on four places instead of the usual three.

You are likely going to encounter a number of other or similar offers such as the ones listed here. They all have in common that you get a higher return than you would on normal odds whilst still paying the same price.

Odds Boost Terms and Conditions

Of course, all odds boosts come with strings attached. These are the terms and conditions you have to consider before taking up such boosted odds. After all, you must decide whether this offer is worth your time and money.

Common terms and conditions you will encounter typically look like this:

  • Specific market or event to bet on
  • Available for a limited time only (as long as the event lasts, for a day or a weekend)
  • Limited betting options (not part of an accumulator bet for instance)
  • Limited stake (maximum possible stake you can bet when using the boost)
  • Capped winnings (you may place any stake you like but your winnings will be capped)
  • Winnings are paid out as bet credits or free bets

An example you may find for boosted odds can look like this:

Odds boost for Rafael Nadal to beat Novak Djokovic at 10/1 (previously 3/1); maximum stake INR 1,500 - Wins are paid out as bet credits that need to be rolled over 2x.

Such an offer would only be available for the upcoming match of both tennis players as part of a tournament, which means it’s available for a very limited time.

When to use boosted odds offers

The question, of course, is when odds boosts are actually worth your time and money. Here are a few things to look out for:

  • Claim boosted odds for bets you are planning to place anyway
  • Your winnings are paid in cash
  • If your winnings are returned as bet credits or free bets, make sure they are not restricted in how you can use them (at least not much)
  • The fewer restrictions the boosted odds offer has the better for you

Don't just claim enhanced odds offers simply because they are there, especially when they are for markets or sports you are not usually betting on anyway. And if boosted odds look particularly great, make sure to read the small print as there are likely other restrictions that make the offer much less appealing.

Where to find Enhanced Odds offers

Most betting sites will offer boosted odds at some point or another. Bet365 often has ongoing odds boosts available, which you don't need to wait around for and can use quite liberally for various sports and markets.

Top 3 Odds Boost Betting Sites

Other sites to check for odds boosts include:

  1. Parimatch


    150% up to ₹30,000

  2. 1xBet


    120% up to ₹43,000

  3. Dafabet


    200% up to ₹20,000


If we can find good odds boosts for you, we will let you know, of course. So, be sure to check back with us regularly as well.

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