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Betting online inevitably means that you will look at betting offers as well. After all, it’s fun to place some bets and win. But why not get a boost or something for free to enhance your betting experience? One of the most common betting offers you will find are free bets. Here we’ll tell you what types of free bets there are and how to make the most of them.

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Free Bets - What are they?

Free bets are not exactly free money. But you do get a specified amount to spend on a bet which is added as an extra to your account. That said, you usually have to make an investment first in order to be able to claim that free bet.

Of course, there are conditions attached to free bets and there are indeed different kinds of free bets as well. Not all of them are necessarily great offers.

Betting Offer

Bet ₹1,000 and Get a ₹3,000 Free Bet


The free bets can be differentiated into the following categories:

  • Match bet - You get a free bet after placing a bet with your own cash, which matches the value of your bet (up to a specified amount). Alternatively, you have to make a deposit to receive a free bet. The free bet matches your deposit, though there is a maximum amount you can get.
  • No deposit free bet - With this offer you neither need to make a deposit nor place your own bet first. It's usually just a small amount and there may be restrictions. It's a rare offer to find.
  • Risk free bet - Regularly found as a welcome offer, this one is more or less an insurance. You place a bet and if it fails, you get a refund in form of a free bet. Often without further wagering requirements. Again, there is a maximum amount you may get.

Usually, free bets are valued between ₹500 and ₹2,000 or you can get offers such as 3x ₹1,000.

How do Free Bets work?

No matter what type of free bet you are being offered from different betting sites, the way they work is nearly always the same. The attached conditions are also quite similar, though may differ in the applicable details.

This is how free bets work:

  • Make a fresh deposit or place a bet (specified amount)
  • Use a bonus code (as required) or claim the offer during the process
  • Wait for your free bet to arrive in your rewards/bonus section

This looks easy on the surface, but you always have to consider the bonus conditions attached. If you place a bet to claim a free bet, you may need to place it on a specified sport, market or event, like betting on the IPL or betting on cricket. And some may tell you to stick to a certain type of bet, like single bet or accumulator. Depending on the offer, you may only get your free bet after your initial bet has settled. Or you receive it right away.

And with risk-free bets you will only receive the free bet if your own bet loses first.

When it comes to using your free bet, further conditions may also apply. Sometimes you are free to use your bet as you like, sometimes it is only available for certain markets or types of bets as well.

Let's take a closer look at the conditions involved.

Free Bets common Terms and conditions

Whilst the terms and conditions attached to free bets are generally quite similar, it is entirely dependent on the betting site, which requirements they issue for you to earn and use free bets.

Maximum value

Free bets always have a specified value. It doesn't matter whether you deposit ₹5,000 or place a bet of ₹10,000, if the conditions of the free bet state that you get a maximum of ₹1,500, then you might as well stick to the minimum deposit or bet as well.


If you are required to place your own bet prior to claiming a free bet, you will not only have to stake a minimum amount, but you are likely asked to place your bet on minimum odds. Often these start at 1.50 or higher. We've also seen odds of 2.00 as a requirement.

Be sure to check beforehand, otherwise your bet may not even be eligible for a free bet offer.

Bet type and market

Some free bet offers are specific to a sport, market or bet type. You may only get to place single bets with them. Or you must place an accumulator bet. Perhaps your free bet is only available for outright bets. Or you can only use it for a specified sport. It may even be a case of all of the above.


Another bonus condition to keep in mind is the validity of the free bet. As in, how long you are able to use it. This may be any time frame from 24 hours to 7 days in most cases. After that, that free bet expires.

Example for a free bet offer

A common free bet offer you will find may look like this:

  • Place a ₹1,000 bet on any market at odds of 1.5 or higher to receive a ₹1,000 free bet.
  • The free bet can also be placed on any market but is only valid on single bets.
  • It must be used as a lump sum and cannot be used for multiple bets. The minimum odds for the free bet are 1.5 or higher.
  • The free bet is valid for 7 days.

No matter what type of free bet you are looking at, one thing is true for all of them: the stake is not included in the returns. In other words, if you win, you receive only the net winnings and not the initial free bet stake as well.

When should I claim a free bet?

Since free bet offers vary widely and can have all kinds of conditions attached, you should have a general idea as to when it is a good idea to claim one and when to pass up on the offer. Clearly, free bets with very strict conditions are not worth the effort. They also take the fun out of betting and what's the point in that?

If you are interested in using free bet offers on occasion, be sure to check the conditions. If they are fair and generous, you won't lose anything when claiming them. Here are a few things to keep looking out for:

  • Reasonable betting odds are involved when placing your own initial bet prior to receiving a free bet as a reward (usually around 1.5 or so)
  • Receiving the free bet is not dependent on winning or losing your own bet
  • The fewer restrictions there are on how to use the free bet, the better
  • There are no wagering requirements attached to the free bet (such as 1x or 2x the stake)
  • Winnings of the free bet are not capped

Not every free bet offer will tick all the boxes above, but you should tick at least half the boxes before claiming a free bet offer at a betting site. Otherwise, it may be too restrictive and simply not worth it.

Allow for some flexibility. Winnings should definitely not be capped and there should be no wagering requirements either. Everything else is up to your personal judgement and what you are willing to put up with to get some free money to play around with.

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