Exchange betting is very different to traditional sports online betting. It is not for inexperienced punters; it is more complicated and requires more betting knowledge.

You will find that more experienced punters or even professional gamblers often use betting exchanges. We will take a closer look at how they do it and why.


We have talked about how to do betting at exchanges several times now, so you will likely already be familiar with the mechanics. We have decided to use Dafabet as a premier Indian betting exchange to illustrate exchange betting further.


Whilst Indian punters can now choose among more and more betting exchanges, we found Dafa Sports to be one of the most user-friendly exchanges. Let’s check them out:

  • Login to your Dafabet account and click on “Dafa Sports”.
  • You’ll find the traditional sportsbook, live betting and the “Exchange”, which you click on!
  • Then choose “Cricket” among the sports listed.
  • When the IPL is on, you will find IPL betting markets here where you can back and lay bets.
  • Click on the match you are interested in, showing all available markets and the odds you can back or lay. We picked the match winner as an example.
  • If you want to back a bet, click on the respective betting odds, which will be added to the bet slip, where you can now adjust the odds and enter your stake.
  • Click on “Place bets” when you are finished.
  • Then wait for someone to lay your bet, which will happen the sooner the market becomes more popular.

Alternatively, you can lay a bet that another player has already backed. In that case, you must click on the green odds and continue.


As we have mentioned above, Dafabet is super user-friendly. When you use their exchange and check out the markets, you will see the value of the bets that have already been backed and laid. That gives you a good indicator of the popularity of a bet and your chances of having your own backed bet laid by someone else.

In other words, you don’t have to take a wild guess and can back your bets with a better chance of being laid.

We also like that they have a solid choice of betting markets at the exchange, so you are not limited to match-winner bets.

Exchange betting on the Dafabet app is much more convenient when you don’t want to restrict yourself to one place. It is available on the bookie’s site to download by scanning the QR code. 

If you want to know more about Dafabet, read our full review of them!

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Betting exchanges generally allow much more freedom than traditional betting sites. As such, there are a few rules that you need to follow strictly. This is certainly why professional gamblers are more likely to use betting exchanges.


Instead of calling them rules, it is perhaps better to speak of guidelines. Of course, betting exchanges have rules in their terms and conditions, which you should always read.

Registering an account at a betting exchange such as Exchmarket automatically agrees to the terms and conditions, which will have a separate section for exchange betting.

Beyond that, there are some things to adhere to when betting at exchanges:

  1. Have sufficient funds in your betting account when laying a bet.

You must be able to pay out the punter who backed the bet you are laying in case you lose. How much you stand to lose when you lay a bet is automatically shown once you lay the bet.

  1. Keep your odds realistic when backing bets.

Betting exchanges allow punters to back real odds more realistic than you often find at traditional sportsbooks. You must keep things realistic and not back outrageous odds that nobody will lay.

And that’s about it. These are the two main things to remember when betting at exchanges.


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Another popular betting exchange in India is the very new bookie Exchmarket. Are they a good option for professional gamblers, though? Let’s look at it.

Powered by Betfair

Betfair is the original betting exchange. They were the first to introduce the concept of betting exchanges, and many sportsbooks have partnered with them to give their customers access to a betting exchange.

This means customers get an experienced and reliable exchange at Exchmarket, whether new to exchange betting or pros.

More sports than elsewhere

At the time of writing this article, Exchmarket offered betting on these sports at their exchange:

  • Cricket
  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • Basketball
  • Rugby League
  • Rugby Union
  • Boxing

Accessible via mobile browser

Exchmarket does not currently offer a mobile betting app, but they are fully mobile-compatible. Since most betting (including exchange betting) takes place on mobile devices these days, it’s also great to access the exchange via your mobile browser.

So, overall, we would say that Exchmarket is a good option for professional gamblers who like to use betting exchanges.

If you want a mobile to enjoy the betting exchange in India, check out our best betting apps page.

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