Chirag Naiknavare

Chirag is a mechanical engineer and has worked in the field of engineering for several years before moving into software. He has more than 15 years of experience in content writing and has written countless articles, blog posts, product descriptions, and practically all kinds of content. He has written several articles that have featured in the number 1 position in the Google SERPs. He is a keen cricket fan since his childhood and loves watching the game whenever he can. He has experience working in Australia and also in India where he resides.

Like most Indian cricket fanatics, he is also a cricket addict and enjoys the related work immensely. Chirag also did play a bit of cricket during his school and college days and is a keen sports follower as well with an interest in a range of other sports. He is a platinum-level author at and has a knack for writing. His technical proficiency, flair for writing, and love for cricket have made him a valuable asset for

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