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australia-flagThe popularity of cricket is undeniable large in the country of Australia. They have a long history of not only being a strong nation in terms of international results and competitiveness, but their fan base is very large as well. With the introduction of the local T20 tournament of the Big Bash League they have experienced a surge in the following and participation of the sport. I guess I don’t even have to mention the Ashes which is followed by all sports enthusiasts.

Betting on the sport is quite popular as well, but the laws regarding gambling in this country is quite the task to wrap ones head around. If you want to know more about this you can skip further down the article where we talk about the laws regarding cricket betting in Australia.

The conclusion regarding betting in Australia that we will arrive at is that there is no problem betting. Some limitations are imposed, but that is mostly aimed at the operators and betting sites, not at the user. Because of this there are plenty of ways you can be betting on cricket online. Some of the recommend betting sites for Australians can be found in the table below.

Best Cricket Betting Sites for Australian Players



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We must warn our readers that whatever you do, you do at your own risk. We will merely provide information as to how you can deposit money and bet on cricket online. I will not guarantee that you are without liability to fines or worse. Please do your own due diligence and make sure you stay on top of the laws in your jurisdiction.

How to Bet Online in Australia

There are plenty of choices for Australians when you are looking to bet online. Not only are there several bookmakers operating from Australia that you can use which comply fully with the regulations put forth by the Australian government, but you can also gamble at online betting sites that operate offshore. We do recommend that you find an offshore gambling site that you like as they often offer more value in terms of promotions and odds, but you are free to choose the ones that you are the most comfortable with.

Bet365 in Australia

bet365 logoNo surprise I guess when you browse our site that Bet365 is our number one bookmaker, but that is for good reason. They seem to have been able to combine all the great features that you would need when betting online and packaged it into a single sportsbook. You find extensive betting options, great customer support, live betting, live streaming of events, promotions and much more. We do 80+% of our betting here for a good reason.

888sport in Australia

888sport logo888sport is a great alternative for an online bookie if you want an alternative. They do seem to excel at the same spots with good amount of sports and bets, plenty of promotions and support that is outstanding. Live streaming is missing though and they do not have quite the same extensive selection of bets on the smaller cricket events. Still, this is a great gambling site if you want a solid offshore alternative.

You can also find other alternatives in our table above where you also can see the reviews for these sites. Be sure to check out these and do your own research to find the betting site that will suit your needs the best.

Is it Legal to Bet Online in Australia

You will find that most forms of gambling is both legal and widely available in Australia. There some restrictions on what can be offered though in the forms of promotions, games and live betting, but these are imposed on the local gaming operations and doesn’t seem to affect the offshore companies. What this means is that you can create an account with Bet365 for example and play on their slot machines and live bet all you can. The reason that you will not be persecuted for this is because the authorities of Australia is out to get the sites that offer this to Australians and those that make use of the offers. But the government in Australia does not have any jurisdiction over them.

So here we are, 13 years after the Interactive Gambling Act and Australians can still gamble as much as they like online. The local gaming outfits have a hard time competing with what the online gaming sites has to offer as they are at a natural disadvantage. Especially when it in practice isn’t illegal for them to go to the offshore sites.

So in short: it is not illegal for you to gamble online, at any site that will let you create an account and place bets. What the government in Australia is after is the operators that are offering this to you. The local gaming operators are not allowed to offer pokies (slots), live betting, promotions that are shady marketing and so on. This makes it hard for them to compete, but can market themselves freely in Australia.

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